RS Power Hoe

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The Rumptstad Power Hoe is a unique soil tillage implement which has been developed specifically for the African soils and working conditions. The Power Hoe with a working width of nearly 90 cm and a forward speed of about 2.0 km/hr can till one acre of land every two hours depending on soil conditions and the experience of the tractor operator. Its ease of operation makes training of operators a 1 day job. 

The Power Hoe is the ideal soil tillage implement for the RS Tractor as no wheel slippage occurs, the spades work the soil without cutting rhizome weeds, it is capable of working in all kind of soils and it works very fast. A true revolution in agricultural mechanisation starts with this perfect implement. 

The RS Power Hoe is powered by a heavy-duty chain fitted to the Power Take Off (PTO) on the RS Tractor. The implement is fixed securely to the Quick Release Hitch Point of this tractor by 2 steel pins.  De-connecting  takes only a couple of minutes and one simple spanner delivered by Rumptstad with the machine.  A piece of cake even for people who are not mechanics. 

Only the highest quality of steel is used for the fabrication of the RS Power Hoe providing resistance to wear. The fast wearing parts like the spades are easily changeable with just one spanner.

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  • Working width: 90cm
  • Working depth: 10 to 25 cm
  • Weight: 150 kg
  • Number of spades: 9
  • Working speed: 1.5 to 2.5 km/hr
  • Spading revolutions: 45 rpm


  • Perfect soil tillage
  • 9 hand hoes in one implement!
  • Aerates and mixes the soil
  • Rhizome weeds are suppressed
  • High field efficiency even in small farms
  • Capacity 2 to 3 hours per acre
  • Connects to RS Tractor Quick Release Hitch Point


  • Soil crumbler attachment
  • Local assembly


  • Made in Holland
  • Top quality design/parts/steel
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Easy to operate
  • Appropriate technology















The Universal Quick Release Hitch Point on the
     RS Tractor makes it very easy to connect &
     de-connect all available implements