Rumptstad Oxen PloughRUMPTSTAD B.V. started developing and producing top quality animal traction implements as early as 1979. Implements as oxen mould board ploughs, tine harrows, land levelling tools, seed drills, planters and trailers have found their way to many countries like Mali, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Zambia, Tanzania, Ecuador, Bolivia, Nicaragua, etc.

Often RUMPTSTAD B.V. transferred production know-how and technologies to local partners allowing them to continue production close to their clients.  In a country like Mali (Office du Niger) the Rumptstad oxen ploughs are the most sought after implements and have great second-hand hand value even if they are 20 years old.
Farmers know that quality of soil preparation determines to a large extent the height of the yield!

RUMPTSTAD B.V. will always strive to transfer its know-how and experience to local manufacturers to make sure that the introduction of the improved mechanisation will be a success.



Over the past few years, RUMPTSTAD B.V. has developed and put into production an amazing line of appropriate technology for countries seeking to develop their agriculture. The so-called RUMPTSTAD THAI–TRACTOR line of equipment is based on a simple, sturdy and low cost power platform.
This RS Thai Tractor can be afforded by small farmers, has an incredible field capacity and comes with a wide range of implements making it a perfect fit for any crop under any circumstance.

This is a great innovation for developing countries where big tractors have utterly failed and where most farmers still use hand power to work their fields. RUMPTSTAD B.V. proposes one standard tractor and fitted to this tractor all tools and implements to permit farmers to work their land, irrigate their farms, harvest and process their crops, generate electricity and transport their produce.

RUMPTSTAD B.V. proposes a perfect set of equipments for each and every crop grown in the world. We will provide you with the technical assistance to choose the most appropriate range of equipments covering your whole value chain!

RUMPSTAD B.V. also actively seeks partners to transfer its know-how and production technology in order to permit farmers to get spares and after-sales service in their own environment. Technical assistance and management of manufacturing workshops are possible.